The building became known as TB's Bar and Grill/Manitou Hotel in 2013 and is now more known for the bar than it is for the hotel. The building is still home to a dinning room, bar and liquor store with hotel rooms upstairs.

The hotel is still up and running with 9 rooms upstairs for rent. All rooms have been renovated since 2008 and come with Double or Queen size beds, Refrigeration Space, Housekeeping, Toiletries, Fresh Daily Towels, Wi-fi and Cable TV.

Along with the hotels upstairs there is 6 condo suites across the street as well as a duplex house with upstairs or downstairs rentals. The condos and duplex come complete with a kitchen - including Stove Top, Oven and Fridge, Housekeeping, Toiletries, Fresh Daily Towels, Wi-fi, Cable Tv, Living Room Area and Private Bathroom.

The bar has a small town sports bar feel but is more dressed up than your average small town Saskatchewan bar. In the summer months we open up our patio with tables and chairs to enjoy the outside.

The bar is equipped with 7 flat screen televisions and two wall projectors. We also have a number of items for entertainment within the bar including two golf simulators, a touch tunes jukebox and a pool table. With room for 150 people the bar holds DJ Dance Events, Comedy Shows, Live Music, Fundraisers and much more. 

Bar History

The building was built in 1908, as the Manitou Hotel by Henry Haskamp. The building was the first hotel to hit the Watrous/Manitou streets. Amongst being a hotel the building was also home to a dinning room, a dental office operated by Dr. Agar and became home to the bar in 1915.

The building did house a government liquor board store from the late 1920's to 1935, the off-sale that is currently part of the hotel was added on in 1995.

The outside of the building looks relatively the same, aside from the third floor which was torn off in the storm of 1976, luckily no one was hurt and the building was able to be repaired.

The Bar